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Average Auto Accident Injury Cost in Florida

To experience accident is definitely awful, especially when an accident happened because of other’s negligence. The injury you have incurred can possibly be a misery in your family. Thus, it is of great importance to hire an accident lawyer for you to be guided throughout the process of pursuing the compensation you deserve. Getting one can help you receive proper medical treatment you need, therapy sessions especially if you experience trauma, and even repair of your damaged car. Financial loss that you have experienced can also be eased when you hire lawyer for car accident.

Average Auto Accident Injury Cost in Florida

Suffering from physical pain and emotional distress due to the accident could be very disheartening, so with the compensation you can get, at least some financial losses will be recovered. Personal injury and accident lawyers are your best buddies when car accidents take place that is why it would be best to hire lawyer for car accident.

Average Auto Accident Injury Cost in Florida

Usually, a personal injury lawyer takes one-third of the final settlement amount. For your part as a client, you should make sure that the expenses are itemized, have all receipts and bills saved and after the settlement, give it to him.

There are important elements to consider in determining the amount of compensation the victim should receive. Other than the medical bills, recovery and treatment expenses, and estimated lost wages, these elements should also be taken into account:

  1. Property damages – This pertains to the tangible properties damaged during the accident.
  2. Medical special damages – This can include the medical expenses incurred for the treatment and recovery of the injured person. Included are cost of ambulance, hospital room rates, chiropractor, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, x-rays, therapy and many more.
  3. Non-medical damages – This is where lost earnings come in and all other expenses incurred due to the incapability of the victim, such as getting household help to assist the victim whilst still recovering. For lost earnings, two critical areas must be looked into:
    • Is there a need for the injured person to change a job and be given lesser rate or would he/she really have to stop working? Or did the injury allow him or her to go to work, but only on a part-time basis? Consider these questions, and if the answer is affirmative, is necessary for the employer to have the facts documented.

As the statistics shown, for the past two years, the average cost of car injury reaches up to $3,231 for liability claim for property damage and $15,443 for medical expenses for bodily injury.

Accident and personal injury lawyers in Tampa either charge their clients on contingency fees or with hourly billing rates. Both payment systems have advantages and disadvantages. Going through the process of searching for a lawyer to handle your suit against the offending party, you need to put high consideration on accident attorney rates in Tampa and the payment system that best fit you.

Contingency Fees

This kind of payment system puts a great pressure on the lawyer. The lawyer’s payment will only be given should the case wins. This is because the payment will be taken from the amount to be paid by the offending party for the damaged caused you. If the case is not settled or won, no fees will be given to the lawyer. With this, the accident lawyer should make every effort to win the case. After winning the case, you will receive the money and you will have to reimburse your lawyer for the expenses incurred in your case.

Contingency fees are part of the settlement of the case. There are accident lawyers who take a certain percentage of the award before deducting the expenses. Some only take percentage from the award after the expenses are deducted. In Tampa, the percentage can vary on the client’s place of residence. But, you do not need to worry since accident attorney rates can be negotiated. Remember that negotiations should be done before signing a contract with the lawyer.

Average Auto Accident Injury Cost in Florida

The good thing about contingency mode of payment is that as a client you do not need to pay your lawyer for the extra expenses incurred should you not win the case or at least settle. With this, your lawyer is motivated to get the case otherwise; he will not get his pay and the bigger the compensation, the bigger his payment would be.

Hourly Billing Rate

Perhaps, this payment system is self-explanatory. Usually, accident attorneys are paid for every hour they spent in working your case. This is irrespective of whether there is compensation or not. If the case is not quite strong, car accident lawyers do not charge clients on an hourly basis. With this, reconsider your decision in pursuing for a claim.

If you have been a victim of a car accident due to other’s negligence, you may be entitled to pursue for compensation. Just give a call and get a free consultation of your case with a lawyer who has experience in winning car accident injury claims.


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