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How Car Accidents Cost Taxpayers

Getting involved in a car or road accident can cause so much trouble – physically and financially. Perhaps, after having your car repair and medical bills paid, you can owe thousands of dollars. However, one must need to know how much US citizens have to pay each year because of car or road accidents; even if you are not directly involved in an accident.

Recently, a study showed the economic impact of car accidents. It was found out that in just a year, citizens of US paid over eight-hundred seventy billion dollar for the societal harm and economic costs. Putting down, it can come out that each US citizen paid about nine-hundred dollars.

Though taxpayers are not always directly paying all the cost for the said societal and economic costs, seventy-five percent of the entire tax that was earned from car accidents is taken from insurance premiums, congestion costs, gas consumption and even environmental degradation.

Now, just when you think of the cost of car crashes, you could find it unbelievable. According the administrator of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, David Freidman, this report underscores how important it is to be careful and observe safety in the road. Behavioral issues in the road must be given due attention to reduce car accidents. And to help citizens to minimize road mishaps, pieces of advice are given:

  1. Remember wearing seatbelt and other safety accessories.
  2. Avoid driving while being drunk or under the influence of certain substance. Most accidents that happen in the roads were caused by persons under the influence of alcohol and other substances.
  3. Focus in your driving. Avoid texting, checking emails or receiving calls while driving to avoid getting distracted.
  4. Follow the recommended speed and load limits. As observed, over speeding often result to worse accidents and cause more damage.
  5. Never forget to check brakes, tires and other vehicle parts regularly.

By being careful, even if it is not possible to avoid some mishaps, you can spare yourself from other significant costs. But, if you are involved in an accident, then you better have knowledge about pursuing claims.

Filing a claim for being injured in an accident is only fitting if you are not the negligent person. Otherwise, your case would be weak and you might end paying for the damaged caused to the other party.

So, what you should do?

How Car Accidents Cost Taxpayers

There are a number of sources to consider in your search for the best lawyer to hire. The internet is one good source. Nowadays, lawyers and law offices have established websites and social pages like Facebook and twitter as well as email address for people to reach them. Online, you need to be careful. Take time read and review their pages. Another good source is the yellow pages. Directories and yellow pages provide contact details of law office and car accident lawyers that you can contact and meet to discuss about your case. Also, you can ask your friends and relatives about a car accident they know and refer your case.

How Car Accidents Cost Taxpayers

Looking for lawyers offering free consultation of your case is advised. In Florida, one can find offerings of Miami injury attorney free consultation. Free consultations can help you see a clearer view of your case and its success rate. Before signing a contract with a lawyer, you may find second opinion with another personal injury attorney. This is to help you see if the lawyer you previously meet is good, otherwise you need to deal with the second one. You should be careful in choosing your lawyer. It is best to choose lawyer who has experience in winning car accident claims.

When you hire lawyer for car accident, perhaps you do not need to be reminded that legal services are not free of charge. However, there are ways to help you lessen the costs.


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