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Work Related Accidents and Pay

Mishaps can happen anywhere and at any time, even during your working hours at your workplace. Some do happen because of accidents, but some happen due to the carelessness or negligence and incompetence of others and in this case, it could be your employer or co-worker. With cases like these, the injured worker has the right to pursue for compensation for the damages sustained.

Work Related Accidents and Pay

Below are just some of the common work-related accidents. You need to know about them to, at least help you avoid such incidents.

  • Falling, Slipping and Tripping – This refers to falls on wet and slippery office floors. Falling also pertains to falling from a ladder, stairs and elevated surface.
  • Bodily Reaction – These are injuries caused by accidents of slipping and tripping without falling.
  • Struck by Object – Refers to objects that may have fallen from shelves or dropped by another person. Such incident can cause very serious injuries especially if struck on the head.
  • Repetitive Motion – This type of workplace injury is among those less obvious yet definitely harmful ones in the long run. Repetitive motions like typing and using the computer throughout the office hours can strain muscles and tendons causing back pain, vision problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Electrical Shocks – This is among the most dangerous workplace injuries and must be really avoided. However, this does not happen frequently. People susceptible to such kind of incident include factory workers, technicians and electricians.
  • Burns – Mechanical and factory workers are usually involved in accidents resulting to burns. Fire breakout is also one big yet rare accident, because Miami authorities are very stiff in granting permits for operations. Inspections in the entire premises of the company is conducted. Fire exit and fire extinguishers must be visible in all areas before permit is granted.
Work Related Accidents and Pay

The Type of Compensation

Compensation claims vary in amount. For work related accidents, compensations are intended for the incurred physical, mental and occupational suffering by the injured individual. This is also made to help the injured party retrieve financial setbacks.

Injury lawyers will need to establish the extent of the losses and suffering sustained to the victim for general damages. Most commonly, medical practitioner is needed to carry out the examination of the injured person and have it documented. This will provide the details on the physical and medical condition of the victim after experiencing the mishap and the treatment needed for the recovery of the person injured.

On the other hand, there is what we call the compensation for special damages. This kind of compensation is quantifiable. With the help of an injury lawyer or solicitor, the amount of the claim is based on the amount of the money that the client would have lost because of the medical condition suffered and earnings lost as well as expenses incurred by the victim in pursuing the claim which includes the personal injury attorney fee percentage. Special damages compensation cannot be negotiated as it is deemed final or fixed.

Work Related Accidents and Pay

If you think that your welfare as an employee or worker of a certain company is being violated due to an accident caused by the negligence of your employer or insufficiency of security measures in the company, you can look into the web for Miami injury attorney free consultation and get ease in getting the claims you deserve. It is not easy to be injured; it can cause your whole life into misery, so be vigilant and fight for your right with the best injury lawyer on your side. Take the opportunity in getting the free consultation offered by injury attorney in Miami.


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